If you have contactless cards, you may face theft in crowded places. Thieves can withdraw money from your contactless cards with pos machines.

These card types were created to simplify the payment process. But for every asset management innovation, there is always an undeserving group of people who will use it for their own illegal gain.

Attackers have the ability to remotely steal money from bank cards equipped with RFID chips using self-made contactless readers, capable of scanning such bank cards. Alarmingly, hackers have created homemade devices of legitimate non-contact pos terminals. If their devices are in reach of your intended terminal while your card is transferring money, your risk of identify theft has significantly increased. An attacker only needs to be seven inches away from your card’s transferring signals to access your banks’s information. In overcrowded marketplaces, it is very easy to become unaware of the thefts going on around you.

Wallets with RFID protection give %100 protection from these threats

Aluminium is a natural RFID and NFC signal blocker. Any chip placed in aluminium cannot be read or copied by external intervention.

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