About Us

We have started to offer you smart products by combining our experiences with an unusual idea. Before we started production, we had one question on our minds. ‘’Is it functional?’’. We made it functional and launched our first product in 2015. Now, fashion and useful come together in our wallets.

One of our goals is that we want to protect you against possible theft with our patented Card Protector. At the same time thanks to this product, the risks of bending and breaking of the cards are eliminated. As the Shala Team, we try to be the best version of ourselves for you.

Our values

  • Adapting to renewed technology
  • Being customer focused
  • Relations proceeding in the framework of mutual respect and love
  • To be honest and open with superior work ethic
  • Passing production stages that respect the environment and society
  • Good use of efficiency and resource management
  • Team work
  • Justice
  • Responsebilty


To carry out works that will set an example for our country by developing ourselves in the field of smart wallets. Being customer oriented while carrying out all these works. To develop production stages that respect the environment.


To be number one in the sector we have been developing since 2015 by developing ourselves. To increase the satisfaction level of our customers day by day.